Is there a Simple Way to Convert a Word Document Or PDF to An Ibook?

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Is there a simple way to convert a word document or PDF to an iBook?

Why would you want to create a PDF of a book already in iBooks so that you can use it on your iPad? You can down load the book directly to the iBooks app on your iPad or through iTunes on your computer. All you need to do is log into your apple account using the iBooks app. (or, backup to iTunes on your computer and select the books to download. However, if you are trying to circumvent digital rights management in order to give copies to someone else, I can't help you. Making and giving those copies to others is illegal. It is a violation of copyright law. It is theft. That said, you can give the books that you own in iBooks as gifts to other registered apple account users if you want. This link will tell you how to gift. https.//

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Convert Word to PDF: All You Need to Know

The file will be exported to a .pdf document as desired. Downloading Book Cover and Pages 1) open iBooks Author” or books Author” and open ” Book Cover” or pages” page. 2) choose the desired location or choose book Cover” or pages” for the book to be downloaded. 3) click open” button which opens another window and a PDF file appears. Using the book / page to convert for Kindle / Nook ‐ 1) open kindle”/ Nook” and open book Cover” (or page” for Kindle) page. 2) right-click on the ‮cover‮ element and click ‬Convert‮, it's a free and easy thing to do. 3) it opens another window, make sure ‮PDF‮ is selected and click CONVERT‮. 4) it takes a few seconds to convert the ‮cover‮ to the desired PDF format depending on the size of the ‮cover‮ page and also the quality of the conversion..

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