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Tips to Convert Word Document to PDF File

Portable Document Format was created to make a new generation of documentation, that is page-structured and looks the same on any type of platforms and devices. It makes possible printing your paper keeping the original form. You are able to share and keep PDF documents without any changes. In case, you prepared your contract in Word and want to share it for a signature saving the same shape of the file, convert it from Word to PDF. Take an advantage of using the format and check out it’s benefit.

Online Tools to Convert Word to PDF Easily

It’s advisable to use digital solution as it requires less of your time and efforts. Most of the online converters can be applied completely for free. Unlike the desktop application, digital tools don't require any downloads or installations that allows you to keep much space on your device.

Easily get started by uploading a file to the website. Once it is opened in the editor, click the Done button, and choose Save As from the dropdown menu. Another option: choose MY DOCS, select the needed document in its folder and click Save As in the right pane. The next page will be open then. Four easy steps left:

  1. pick the PDF icon.
  2. press SAVE AS in the top right corner.
  3. enter a password and press the Apply button.
  4. press OK and select the folder in which you’d like to put the file.

After the form is converted, you still may add any type of content. You can make it stuffed full of text, vector and bitmap graphics, interactive elements, forms, audio, video, different annotations, etc. Few clicks make significant changes.

Once all desirable changes have been made to your document, you may easily send it to a recipient as a contract to sign. You may type your signature or upload it. It is also possible to draw it with your mouse or touchpad or capture a handwritten one with a webcam.

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