How Can I Convert a PDF to a Ms Word File While Keeping the Fonts?

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How can I convert a PDF to a MS Word file while keeping the fonts intact?

Re. your comment. That shouldn't happen. Is the version of Times New Roman that you are using a Postscript font? You might be using an old TrueType font that came with Word, or a newer TrueType font that is rendered as an Open Type font. Make sure you only have ONE version (preferably an Open Type version) of Times New Roman open and active on your machine and try the conversion again. If you can't manage that, or it still doesn't work correctly, try another oldstyle typeface such as Baskerville Old Face, Garamond, or Goudy--all three of those come with Word, so you should have them. That said, Word is not a page layout program, and it sometimes renders PDFs erratically. (I've had to use Word from time to time to layout a book, and I've found lines slipping from one page to the next, or sometimes a line at the top or bottom of a page goes missing.) So be sure to check your results carefully.

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Your response. Yes. That's because there's no one definitive answer; every font has its quirks. If you've got any other suggestions, I hope you'll send them along. Here's one possible issue that may be helping your problem. Look for the term “fascia” as used in reference to your books' title, the name of your publisher or distributor, or the description on the back cover. It's a term often associated with book covers or covers of other publications, and I've seen this term used in this context on many of my books. There have been a couple of recent cases in which people have mentioned that their fonts did not render the proper typographic “fascia” when they saw them on a computer screen, and when they tried “convert-to-asterisk” in Word, they'd get the following errors: Error: The term “fascia” was misspelled in my book titles before conversion to Open.

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